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RICS Level 2 Surveys

A comprehensive visual inspection will cover all interior and exterior building elements, including structural features and utilities. A "traffic light" system will rate defect severity, with urgent repairs and maintenance needs emphasized. Additionally, any relevant legal issues will be identified for further conveyancer review.

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Level 2 Surveys

RICS Level 3 Surveys

Considering a Home Survey and pondering Level 3? It's ideal for in-depth analysis beyond Level 2 or SmartrSurvey. Opt for Level 3 if the property is exceptionally large, pre-1850s, visibly dilapidated, uniquely designed, non-traditionally built, significantly modified, or if you plan major post-purchase renovations.

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Level 3 Surveys

RICS Help-To-Buy Valuations

When selling your Help-to-Buy property, a RICS valuation is required to determine the repayment amount, reflecting the property's current value. If staircasing—increasing your ownership by repaying part of the loan—the amount owed adjusts with property value changes. An independent valuation ensures accurate loan adjustments.

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Help-to-Buy Valuations

RICS Shared Ownership Valuations

For Shared Ownership, staircasing lets you buy more home shares, reducing rent as you own more. Increments usually start at 10%, but some leases vary. A RICS valuation is needed for buying additional shares, with costs and potential admin fees. Recently, options to buy as little as 1% annually have emerged, with prices adjusted by the House Price Index, and no admin fees for these small increments.

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Shared Ownership Valuations

Structural Surveys

Structural Survey reports offer an in-depth property assessment, including moisture tests for structural integrity, identification of unauthorized alterations, checks for hazardous materials like asbestos, evidence of subsidence, and the condition of masonry and roofing. Our expert team provides detailed insights with photos to ensure a thorough understanding of your property's condition.

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Structural Surveys

Snagging Surveys

Snagging Survey reports provide a detailed review of new build properties, highlighting any issues from moisture and dampness to unauthorized modifications. The survey includes a meticulous inspection for hidden defects, potential unauthorized renovations, hazardous substances like asbestos, and signs of subsidence, ensuring your new home's safety and integrity.

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Snagging Surveys

Matrimonial Valuations

A Matrimonial Valuation report offers a thorough analysis of your property's worth, detailing its characteristics, market trends, valuation methods, and estimated value at the time of assessment. It also notes special considerations impacting value and confirms the report's purpose for matrimonial proceedings, backed by professional credentials.

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Matrimonial Valuations

Probate Valuations

A Probate Valuation report provides an in-depth valuation for estate purposes, featuring a property inspection, market analysis, and valuation method explanation, with the valuer's credentials and signature. It includes property details, market overview, comparisons with similar properties, and any special considerations affecting value.

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Probate Valuations

Thermographic Surveys

A Thermographic Survey report offer a detailed property analysis using advanced imaging to identify heat loss, air and moisture intrusion, and insulation issues, providing solutions for energy efficiency and structural integrity.

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Probate Valuations

Asbestos Surveys

An asbestos survey report provides a thorough evaluation of asbestos presence in your property, with location and identification of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs), condition analysis, laboratory testing, risk assessment, and guidance on disposal and contractor selection. It also covers compliance and insurance advice.

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Probate Valuations