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Homemove helps 1000s of people move home each year and assists them with advice from getting set up to sell their property through to booking in their to booking in their Matrimonial valuations online. We remove the friction and make the process rewarding.

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The Matrimonial Surveyors we work with:

  • are highly qualified and registered
  • cover nationally based locally
  • have an outstanding reputation
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What do you get with your Matrimonial Valuation report?

With a comprehensive matrimonial valuation, you gain valuable insights into the value of your property. Our report covers the following key aspects:

  • Property Description: Detailed description of the property including its location, size, age, style, and condition.
  • Market Analysis: Assessment of the current housing market conditions relevant to the property, considering similar properties in the area.
  • Valuation Method: Explanation of the method used for valuation.
  • Valuation Date: The date on which the property's value is assessed, which is crucial as property values can fluctuate over time.
  • Appraised Value: The estimated market value of the property as of the valuation date.
  • Special Considerations: Any factors that might affect the property’s value, like zoning changes, upcoming developments, or structural issues.
  • Purpose of the Report: Statement indicating that the valuation is for matrimonial purposes.
  • Professional Credentials: Information about the qualifications of the person or entity conducting the valuation.
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The steps to getting your Matrimonial Valuation report


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The initial step involves completing a brief online questionnaire. Once this is completed you may proceed with booking your matrimonial valuation. We will confirm the time and date of the valuation, details on any other properties that you may have, accommodating any specific requests you may have.



After scheduling the valuation for a convenient time, you can relax and wait. Our knowledgeable matrimonial surveyors will value the property as soon as they can and will keep you updated throughout the procedure.



The final step is receiving the written matrimonial valuation report. The report can then be used in matrimonial proceedings to help settle property division disputes more swiftly and fairly.

Expert Witness option

If you choose to include an expert witness, a qualified surveyor can fulfill this role. This step involves the surveyor preparing an additional detailed report and, if necessary, presenting it in legal proceedings. This option is essential for disputed valuations and can provide additional support and credibility in matrimonial proceedings. The expert witness will ensure that the valuation is accurately represented and understood in any legal context.

What you'll learn from your Matrimonial Valuation

With our detailed matrimonial valuation service, you can rely on our experienced surveyors to possess in-depth knowledge about property valuation intricacies in your specified area.

We understand the complexities of various property types and the critical factors that can affect the valuation. Our team is adept at identifying and assessing aspects that can influence the market value of your property, ensuring a fair and comprehensive valuation report for matrimonial proceedings.

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During the inspection, the structural surveyor will examine the size, condition, layout, quality of construction, fixtures, improvements, and any unique characteristics of the property. The report is useful for:

  • Making sure all parties know the true value of the property
  • Each party can obtain what is rightfully theirs
  • avoiding long legal disputes
  • helping court proceedings go smoother
  • Getting an unbiased valuation

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What is an Matrimonial Valuation?

A matrimonial valuation is a professional assessment of the value of property, typically a family home or other property, conducted in the context of divorce or separation proceedings. Its main purpose is to determine the fair market value of the property so that assets can be divided equitably between the separating or divorcing parties.


How long does a matrimonial valuation take?

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