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The easiest way to book in trusted local structural surveyors in your area!

Homemove helps 1000s of people move home each year and assists them with advice from getting set up to sell their property through to booking in their structural survey online so they can take the next step in their homemoving journey. We remove the friction and make the process rewarding.

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The Building surveyors we work with:

  • are highly qualified and registered
  • cover nationally based locally
  • have an outstanding reputation
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What do you get with our Building Survey reports?

At Homemove, our comprehensive building survey report provides you with a detailed assessment of your property. Our survey includes a thorough inspection, detection, and expert advice, complemented by supplementary photos to provide you with a comprehensive overview. Our report covers the following key aspects:

  • Moisture and Dampness Test: Our building surveying team includes a thorough check for moisture and dampness, as these issues can have serious implications for your property's building integrity.
  • Potential Property Alterations: They identify areas where potential alterations or modifications have been made, helping you understand the property's history.
  • Renovations Without Planning Permission: They inspect the property to determine if any renovations have been conducted without proper planning permission, highlighting any non-compliance issues.
  • Presence of Hazardous Materials: They check for hazardous materials, such as asbestos, to ensure your safety and well-being.
  • Physical Evidence of Subsidence: Subsidence can be a significant concern for properties. Our survey looks for physical evidence of subsidence and its potential impact.
  • Physical Deterioration to Masonry and Roof Coverings: They assess the condition of masonry and roof coverings to identify any signs of deterioration.
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  • Damage to Timbers or Supporting Structures: They inspect the property's timbers and supporting structures for any signs of damage or compromise.
  • Impact of Trees Within Close-Proximity: Trees in the vicinity can affect a property's stability. They evaluate the potential impact of nearby trees on your property.
  • Woodworm and Dry Rot Inspection: They check for woodworm and dry rot in timbers and supporting structures, as these can lead to serious building issues.
  • Damp Proofing, Insulation, and Drainage Assessment: Our survey includes an assessment of damp proofing, insulation, and drainage to ensure your property is well-protected.
  • Materials Used in Construction: They provide information about the materials used to construct your property, aiding in understanding its durability and maintenance needs.Woodworm and Dry Rot Inspection: We check for woodworm and dry rot in timbers and supporting structures, as these can lead to serious building issues.

The steps to getting your Structural Survey report


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The initial step involves completing a brief online questionnaire. If the property is deemed suitable for a Structural survey, you may proceed with purchasing the survey directly via our website. We will confirm your preferred time, date of survey with any bespoke requests.



After scheduling the survey for a convenient time, you can relax and wait. Our knowledgeable structural surveyors will examine the property as soon as they can and will keep you updated throughout the procedure.



The written report including photos should arrive within 48 hours of the structural survey's completion. If the survey reveals any faults or problems, you have the option of factoring in the repair costs when negotiating the property's price. On average, customers save £5,750 with a Structural survey.

What you’ll learn from your Building Survey

You can rely on our surveyor to have a wealth of knowledge about your preferred area, the local property types, and any red flags to keep an eye out for. They'll provide a thorough assessment to give you peace of mind, and you'll know exactly what you're getting into.

Homemove Building Surveys

During the inspection, the building surveyor will examine the roof, walls, pipes, timber, and other visible areas of the home to identify any significant defects. The report is useful in the following circumstances:

  • The building is listed or over 50 years old
  • The property has been altered or extended
  • The building has a history of building damage

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What is a Building survey, and why do I need one?

A building survey is a comprehensive inspection of a property's condition, highlighting any building issues, defects, or potential problems. It provides valuable insights into the property's state, helping you make informed decisions before purchasing or maintaining it.

Buying a home is a major financial commitment, and it's crucial to have as much information as possible about the property you're interested in. The survey can act as a investment with a very real return during negotiations if significant defects are found.


What does a building survey typically include?


How long does a building survey take to complete?


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Will the building survey report include cost estimates for repairs?


Are building surveys only for buying properties?

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