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Homemove helps 1000s of people move home each year and assists them with advice from getting set up to sell their property through to booking in their to booking in their Probate valuations online. We remove the friction and make the process rewarding.

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The Probate Surveyors we work with:

  • are highly qualified and registered
  • cover nationally based locally
  • have an outstanding reputation
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What do you get with your Probate Valuation report?

A comprehensive probate valuation report provides you with a detailed valuation of your property. Our probate valuation encompasses a meticulous inspection of the property, detailed analysis, and professional assessment, supplemented with photographic evidence to give you a complete understanding of the estate's value. Our report includes the following key aspects:

  • Title of the report and date
  • Name, qualifications, and contact information of the surveyor or valuer who prepared the report.
  • A statement clarifying that the report is prepared specifically for valuing property for probate purposes.
  • Property Description: Detailed description of the property including its location, size, age, style, and condition.
  • Explanation of the methods used to appraise the property, such as comparative market analysis.
  • Special Considerations: Any factors that might affect the property’s value, like zoning changes, upcoming developments, or structural issues.
  • Overview of the current housing market in the area.
  • Comparison with similar properties and recent sale prices where applicable.
  • The estimated market value of the property as of the date of valuation.
  • Signature of the valuer and the date the report was completed.
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The steps to getting your Probate Valuation report


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The initial step involves completing a brief online questionnaire to gather more details about the property. Once this is done you may proceed with booking the survey directly via our website. We will confirm your preferred time, date of survey with any bespoke requests.



After scheduling the survey for a convenient time, you can relax and wait. Our knowledgeable probate surveyors will value the property as soon as they can and will keep you updated throughout the procedure.



Compiling the findings into a comprehensive valuation report is the final step. This includes writing up the description of the property, the valuation methodology used, the market analysis, and the final valuation figure. The report will then be sent to you.

What you'll learn from your Probate Valuation

You can trust our surveyors to possess extensive knowledge in conducting probate valuations, understanding the nuances of estate assets in your area. They are proficient in evaluating diverse property types and identifying crucial factors that impact estate valuation. With a meticulous approach, they ensure a comprehensive assessment, offering you clarity and confidence in understanding the true value of the estate for probate purposes.

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Determining Estate Value for Probate: The primary purpose of a probate valuation is to determine the total value of a deceased person’s estate. This is a legal requirement for obtaining probate. The report is useful in the following circumstances:

  • Determining Estate Value for Probate: The primary purpose of a probate valuation is to determine the total value of a deceased person’s estate. This is a legal requirement for obtaining probate.
  • Inheritance Tax Assessment: Probate valuation helps in assessing whether Inheritance Tax is due on the estate and, if so, how much?
  • Equitable Asset Distribution: The valuation is used to ensure fair distribution of assets among the beneficiaries as per the deceased’s will or, in the absence of a will, according to the rules of intestacy.
  • Legal and Financial Transparency: It provides a clear and transparent account of the estate’s value for legal records, which can be useful in case of any disputes or legal challenges
  • Informing Beneficiaries and Heirs: Beneficiaries receive a clear understanding of the estate's value, helping them in their financial planning and decision-making.

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What is an Probate Valuation?

A probate valuation is an assessment of the value of a deceased person's property and assets. It's used for legal and tax purposes during the administration of their estate.


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How is property valued in a probate valuation?


What happens if the property value changes after the probate valuation?

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