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How to add value to your home | A Complete Guide 2023

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If you are selling your home you way want to try and add value to your home. There are number of ways you can do this, some are more expensive than others but there is ways to improve your home that won’t cost you a lot. In this guide we are going to go through all different ways you can add value to your home.


This is something most people who are selling their home will do. Painting your home will make it look fresh, clean and new. It is best to paint neutral colours so that it suits a range of buyers. To save money you could try doing the painting yourself or with the help of family and friends.


Decluttering is something you can do that won’t cost you anything. Chuck away anything you don’t use anymore and tidy away your belongings. This will make the place look clean and more spacious. It will also help potential buyers envision where their belongings would go.

Improve the efficiency of your home

Improving the efficiency of your home is another great way to add value. By installing double-glazed windows, insulating your walls and loft, and draught-proofing your doors and windows, you can make your home more energy-efficient. This will not only add value to your property, but it will also help to reduce your energy bills.

Update your heating

Make sure the central heating in your home works and if possible update it. Buyers will want to know the heating works and is safe to use. A buyer will not want to have to deal with problems with the boiler later down the line. So updating it will be attractive to potential buyers. Also, if you follow the steps above to improve efficiency in your home less heat will escape therefore saving you money.

Boost your curb appeal

The exterior of your home is the first thing potential buyers will see when they view your home and first impressions count. If the outside of your home is dirty and cluttered there is the chance the buyers might not want to see inside your home and dismiss it straight away.

To boost your curb appeal you can:

  • get a new front door or spruce up the old one
  • mow the grass and clean the garden
  • add some flowers and hanging baskets
  • fix any broken fences and repaint them
  • make sure the path is straight and not a trip hazard

Other things you can do that won’t cost a lot of money

Here is a list of things you can do to improve your home that won’t cost a lot of money.

  • replace broken lightbulbs
  • fix or replace dripping taps
  • if your doors or floors are squeaky get them fixed
  • sort out any paint that is peeling off the walls
  • try to remove any limescale that has built up
  • clean your windows

Sort any structural issues

One way to add value to your home is to sort out any structural issues. This could involve anything from:

  • fixing cracks in the walls
  • sorting out a leaky roof
  • replacing any roof tiles that have broke
  • making sure you don’t have an unstable chimney
  • sort out rising damp

Not only will this add value to your home, but it will also make it more appealing to potential buyers.

Add another bedroom to your home

One major project you can do if you have the money is to add an extra bedroom to your home. This can be quite expensive to get an extension done. However, something you can do if you have a room in your house that is being used as a study or play room, is to turn it into a bedroom. Having an extra bedroom can increase the value of your home by up to 15%. So, you can choose to do a complete make over if you have the money or you can just add a bed in there and a few other things to show buyers the potential the room has to be a bedroom.

Update your kitchen

Kitchens are one of the main rooms in a home and having a good kitchen is very popular with buyers. Don’t neglect your kitchen because having a good kitchen can add quite a bit of value to your home. It can increase the value of your home by 5% to 10%. You may want to completely update your kitchen but this can cost quite a bit of money so, there are things you can do to update your kitchen without completely redoing it. You can replace your cupboards or paint them and get new handles, make sure your sides are clean and clutter free, repaint the walls and install better lighting.

Update your bathroom

You want your bathroom to look fresh and clean, like your kitchen if you have the money you could do a complete makeover. However, if this is not possible some things you can do are paint the walls or replace old tiles, add a new glass screen or replace your old shower curtain, replace your taps, and do a deep clean to get rid of any limescale and dirt. By doing this you can add around 5% to the value of your home.


By following these tips you should be able to add value to your home and have it in the best condition to sell. Before going ahead and adding value to your home you might want to read all about the process involved in selling, which you can read in our step-by step guide here.