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Homemove helps 1000s of people move home each year and assists them with advice from getting set up to sell their property through to booking in their RICS Building Survey Level 3 in Manchester so they can take the next step in their homemoving journey. We remove the friction and make the process rewarding.

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The surveyors we work with:

  • are both RICS qualified and registered
  • cover nationally based locally
  • have an outstanding reputation
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What exactly does a Level 3 Survey report entail

So, you're thinking about getting a Home Survey in Manchester, but wondering if you should go for Level 3? This option is perfect if you want a report that's even more detailed than the RICS Home Survey Level 2 or SmartrSurvey Report. Plus, if the property you're interested in fits one or more of the following criteria, then Level 3 is definitely the way to go:

  • Much larger than your average property
  • Old (like, built before 1850 old)
  • Obviously in poor condition
  • Has a complex or unusual design
  • Is constructed in a non-traditional or otherwise unique way
  • Has undergone significant alterations or extensions since it was built in Manchester
  • Is intended to be improved or extended in a significant way after purchase.
Homemove Manchester Level 3 Structural Survey

The steps to getting your Level 3 Survey report


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The initial step involves completing a brief online questionnaire. If the property is deemed suitable for a Home survey level 2, you may proceed with purchasing the survey directly via our website. Upon purchasing the survey, we will reach out to the property's seller within a day to schedule a visit to the property.



After scheduling the survey for a convenient time, you can relax and wait. Our knowledgeable RICS surveyors will examine the property as soon as they can and will keep you updated throughout the procedure.



The written report should arrive by mail within four business days of the survey's completion. If the survey reveals any faults or problems, you have the option of factoring in the repair costs when negotiating the property's price. On average, customers save £5,750 with a survey.

What you’ll establish from your RICS Level 3 Survey

When you order a Home Survey Level 3 through Homemove, you're getting a top-notch inspection of the property by a qualified surveyor in Manchester. The detailed report covers all sorts of issues, from the condition of the building elements to serious risks and dangerous conditions. You'll also get a rundown of repair options and the possible outcomes if repairs are overlooked, along with advice to pass along to your legal team. And, of course, we'll include details of any potential risks to the property and its occupants.

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Why do I need a Level 3 building survey?

We get it - when you're buying a new home, you want to make sure you're getting the most bang for your buck. It might seem like a basic mortgage valuation would provide all the info you need about the property's condition and future maintenance costs, but that's just not the case. You could end up with some major unexpected repair bills down the line. Let's face it: buying a home in Manchesteris a huge financial commitment, so it's important to be as informed as possible about the property you're considering.

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What exactly is a Level 3 House Survey?

The Building Survey (also known as a structural survey) is the priciest option, but it gives you the most detailed info about the property's structure and fabric. This type of report is perfect for older homes (built before 1850), properties in bad shape, those that have been significantly altered or are particularly large. And if you're planning on doing some major renovations or improvements, then a Building Survey is definitely the way to go.


Will a RICS Level 3 survey take long?


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Is a Level 3 survey worth it?


How much does a Level Three survey cost in Manchester?

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