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RICS Qualified home surveyors, get your Level 2 survey as quick as 24 hours, save £5,750 on the average cost of repairs

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The easiest way to book in trusted local surveyors in your area!

Homemove helps 1000s of people move home each year and assists them with advice from getting set up to sell their property through to booking in their RICS Home Survey Level 2 online so they can take the next step in their homemoving journey. We remove the friction and make the process rewarding.

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The surveyors we work with:

  • are both RICS qualified and registered
  • cover nationally based locally
  • have an outstanding reputation
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What do you get with a Level 2 Home Buyers report?

The property will undergo a visual inspection to evaluate its overall condition and state of repair. Major faults and defects will be identified, and their potential implications highlighted, along with recommendations for further action.

  • All building elements, both interior and exterior, including walls, ceilings, roof, guttering, windows, and doors, will be visually inspected.
  • Services such as gas/oil heating, electricity, water, and drainage will also be visually appraised, and recommendations will be made for further inspections if necessary.
  • A "traffic light" grading system will be used to indicate the severity of any defects found.
  • Urgent repair issues and future maintenance requirements will be highlighted.
  • If applicable, observations about planning and building control, disputes, and other legal matters will be noted for the conveyancer to investigate further.
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The steps to getting your Level 2 Survey report


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The initial step involves completing a brief online questionnaire. If the property is deemed suitable for a Home survey level 2, you may proceed with purchasing the survey directly via our website. Upon purchasing the survey, we will reach out to the property's seller within a day to schedule a visit to the property.



After scheduling the survey for a convenient time, you can relax and wait. Our knowledgeable RICS surveyors will examine the property as soon as they can and will keep you updated throughout the procedure.



The written report should arrive by mail within four business days of the survey's completion. If the survey reveals any faults or problems, you have the option of factoring in the repair costs when negotiating the property's price. On average, customers save £5,750 with a survey.

What you’ll learn from your RICS Level 2 Survey

You can rely on our RICS surveyor to have a wealth of knowledge about your preferred area, the local property types, and any red flags to keep an eye out for. They'll provide a thorough assessment to give you peace of mind, and you'll know exactly what you're getting into.

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During the inspection, the surveyor will examine the roof, walls, pipes, timber, and other visible areas of the home to identify any significant defects. The report comes in a standard paper format and uses a user-friendly Condition Rating system:

  • Condition rating 3 - Serious defects that require urgent repair, replacement, or investigation.
  • Condition rating 2 - Defects that need fixing or replacement, but are not considered urgent or critical.
  • Condition rating 1 - No repairs are currently necessary

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Why do I need a Level 2 home buyer survey?

You might be wondering why a Level 2 Homebuyer survey is necessary. We understand that when you're making such a significant investment, you want to get the most value for your money. While it may be tempting to rely solely on a basic mortgage valuation, it's important to understand that it's not intended to provide a thorough assessment of the property's condition or future maintenance costs. Skipping a Homebuyer survey could leave you with unexpected repair expenses down the line.

Buying a home is a major financial commitment, and it's crucial to have as much information as possible about the property you're interested in. The survey can act as a investment with a very real return during negotiations if significant defects are found.


So what exactly is a Level 2 House Survey?


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What properties is a Level 2 Survey suitable for?


If any problems or defects are uncovered during a house survey, what happens next?


How much does a Level 2 survey cost?

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