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Energy Bills | A Complete Guide

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When you move home you need to make sure your energy bills are sorted and the supplier is charging you the right amount. This blog is going to be an energy bills complete guide and we are going to cover:

  • What are energy bills?
  • What you need to do before moving home
  • What to do once you have moved home
  • Types of tariffs
  • How to find out who your supplier is
  • How to find the best deal
  • The energy market in 2023

What are energy bills?

Your energy bills or utilities are what you need in order for you home to be comfortable and for it to run smoothly such as you gas, electricity. Each month you will need to pay for the amount you consume of each utility if you on a variable rate. Although if you are on a fixed tariff then the price will be the same each month.

Before moving home

Before you move to your new home there are a few things you need to do which are:

  1. The first thing you need to do is to contact your supplier’s to let them know that you will be moving home. You will need to let them know at least 48 hours before you are going to move.
  2. On the day of the move you need to read your metre readings and let your supplier know what the readings said. The reason for doing them on the day is so you can get an accurate usage amount.
  3. You should also contact your supplier to inform them of your new address.

Once you have moved home

Once you have moved into your new home the steps you need to take are:

  1. Find out who the suppliers are at your new home.
  2. On moving day once you have moved in you should take the time to look at your metre readings in your new home and let your supplier know what the readings say. This is to make sure the supplier only charges you for what you will use and not what the old owners used.
  3. Lastly, the final bill at your old home should be paid off.

Types of tariffs

There are two main types of tariffs which are fixed rate and variable rate. A fixed rate tariff means that the price you pay each month will be the same for a fixed time. However, a variable rate tariff can differ depending on the market, meaning some months you pay more or some months less. For example, your electricity bill in the colder months is likely to be higher as the chances are you will have the heating on.

How to find out who your supplier is

If the previous owner has not left you details on who the energy supplier is then there are ways you can find out. You may find you have the same supplier for both gas and electricity but this isn’t always the case so it is best to check. To find out who your electricity supplier is you should get in touch with your distribution network operator (DNO). Another way is to search your postcode on the Energy Networks Association website.

To find out who your gas supplier is there are two ways. The first way is to go on the Find My Supplier Website where you find out your gas supplier as well as, your gas Meter Point Reference Number(MPRN). This is handy because it lets you know where the location of your meter is. If you are unable to use the internet then there is a meter help line number to find out who your gas supplier is. The number you will need to call is 08706081524. Although be aware as the calls are 7p per minute.

How to find the best deal

Finding the energy deals can be a daunting task, as there are many different providers and tariffs available. The best way to find the best deal is to compare different energy tariffs. You can compare energy tariffs online, by phone or even with a comparison company. When comparing energy tariffs, make sure to consider things such as the energy source, the price per unit, discounts, and any other incentives.

Additionally, it is important to understand your own energy usage and requirements in order to find the best tariff that fits your needs. Once you have found the best deal, you can switch providers and start saving money on your energy bills.

Energy market in 2023

The energy market at the moment has a pricing crisis. The utility costs are rising in 2023 because the energy suppliers are having to pay more for their energy reserves meaning they are charging customers more. This is why its so important to find a company that helps you to save money on these bills.


In summary when moving home sorting out your energy bills is important to make sure you are comfortable and your home runs smoothly. Remember to get in touch with your supplier to let them know your new address and if you are struggling to find your supplier just follow the steps above.